The Expressive Teacher: The Art of Creative Teaching and Learning

Good teaching comes directly from the mind, heart, and spirit of a teacher who is fully alive, engaged, and using all their senses; it is about creative risk-taking. The expressive teacher discovers and strengthens vocation in both inner and outer world simultaneously by awakening the creative spirit through the arts and reflection. In this workshop, teachers will explore creative practices to strengthen creative teaching and learning and promote a personal pedagogy that is creative, imaginative, innovative, playful and joyful, while also learning methods for arts integration in the classroom.

What people are saying about Jane’s workshops:

Inspirational! I will use the meditation technique at the beginning of faculty meetings. Principal, Elementary School Soulful, spiritual, connecting, authentic and useful-what more could I ask for? Thank you immensely. You helped me connect with what I love about teaching. Assistant Superintendent

Jane comes prepared with examples, handouts, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge. N. Bradley, Handmade in America, Education Coordinator & Artist

This workshop was extremely useful. Jane had so many integration ideas for all parts of our curriculum.  Teacher, Art Space Charter School

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Creating a Compassionate Classroom

Based upon the book, The Compassionate Classroom, this interactive workshop explores numerous creative and engaging activities for classroom usage that will encourage compassion, foster relationships, value intuition and spiritual diversity. In the classroom, students will benefit from these lessons, which provide a foundation from which they can develop a personal awareness comprised of wisdom, compassion, appreciation and awareness.

Workshop formats are available for professional development and can be 1, 2 or 3 days in length, or custom designed for a particular event. Jane is available for onsite workshops, staff development and curriculum design.